Global Client Solutions has worked with consumers for the last decade to provide a safe and effective method of disbursing payments to debt settlement companies. With its main office in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the company maintains independent, third-party status and is not a part of any debt settlement firm or creditor. Through its innovative Special Purpose Account system, Global Client Solutions offers consumers the chance to pay off their debts by depositing funds into a noninterest-bearing, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation-insured account for disbursal to creditors until the debt is paid off. Customers maintain complete control of these SPAs, with settlement companies allowed only to view an account’s status. Global believes that its business model permits a quicker resolution of debt because each customer’s funds are held separately from his or her other bank accounts, thereby containing unnecessary spending for the duration of the debt resolution process. 

Global Client Solutions SPAs assist customers in reducing the high fees for insufficient funds charged by banks and offer ease of use for debt resolution companies through improving cash flow and retention rates. They minimize overall service outlays and streamline the time it takes to manage account information.

Global has received recommendations from some 500 debt settlement companies nationwide. Its team of consumer financial management experts aims to provide exceptional customer service and is committed to developing customer-focused products to pay down debt as easily and painlessly as possible.

The company maintains membership in several professional organizations, including the United States Organization for Bankruptcy Alternatives, the Association of Settlement Companies, and the Better Business Bureau.